One of the best corporate party places in Gurgaon: Today most companies have adopted the corporate culture of functioning. Corporate companies are always known to host the best events.

The grandeur and size of corporate events signify the reputation these corporate companies carry in the business world.

Corporate companies hold a massive number of corporate events that help in getting their whole team together and celebrating their wins, and learning and assessing their losses.

These corporate events include

● Appreciation Ceremonies
● Award shows
● Trade shows
● Product Launches
● Board Meetings
● Team Building Activities
● Budget Meetings
● Workshops
● Company Milestones
● Conferences
● Congresses

All the above events require a beautiful, serene location that provides both peace and fun at the same time.

Fortunately, we have found a great place to host your next corporate event, The Maple Farm. It is amongst the best corporate party venues in Gurgaon.

Why is The Maple Farm good for corporate party venue in Gurgaon?

corporate party venues in Gurgaon
corporate party venues in Gurgaon

The Maple Farm is located in Gurgaon and is one of the most serene places. The farm is filled with lush green gardens, swimming pools, conference rooms, wedding halls, party halls, restaurants, etc.

Let’s know why The Maple Farm is an excellent location for corporate party venue in Gurgaon.

1. Size of the venue
A corporate event venue should be large enough to accommodate many company employees. The small venue makes the event suffocating for the attendees.
Fortunately, The Maple Farm is a spacious property that provides luxurious party halls and conference rooms for multiple corporate events.

2. Food Requirements
Corporate events are known for their extravagant amount of food. Their reputation resides in the quality of food they serve. Our venue serves a wide variety of cuisines with excellent quality, mouth-watering food items. Hence, The Maple Farm is amongst the best places for corporate parties in Gurgaon.

3. Hospitality
Hospitality is an emotion that connects customers to us. People may not remember what you did for them, but they always remember how you made them feel.’ We at The Maple Farm follow this quote diligently and put it into action through our hospitality. Our staffs are trained to greet, help, talk politely and behave well with our customers.

Corporate events can be a great success if the location serves a hospitable environment to the staff.

4. Refreshing Activities
Games and extra-curricular activities always take any event to a different level of fun; the same is true for corporate events.

We at The Maple Farm encourage you to incorporate various activities into your event. We are always eager to arrange for whatever props you require for the said activities and allow you to utilize all our premises to the best of your use. Hence, we make you choose us for your corporate party venues in Gurgaon.

5. Affordable
Providing you with such a fantastic venue doesn’t mean that we will burn your pockets at The Maple Farm. We are proud to say that we are entirely reasonable and affordable with our prices for all types of corporate events. We also encourage giving discounts as and when necessary to our customers.

Corporate events are a sign of a company’s reputation. These events are a way of showing the employees and the whole world the company’s stature. We at The Maple Farm hear you very well on this note, and we are ready to put equal efforts into making your corporate event a big success. Hence, we are proud to say that we are amongst the best places for corporate parties in Gurgaon.

FAQs about Corporate Party Venue in Gurgaon

How does your staff treat the guests?

Our staff is well trained to provide hospitality to our guests. They always greet and talk with a broad smile to our guests.

What type of cuisine do you serve?

We serve a variety of cuisines like Indian, Chinese, Thai, Continental, and Japanese.

Do you encourage corporate events of all types?

Yes, we are always open to hosting all types of corporate events.

Do you allow guests to take a tour of your premises?

Yes, we are very generous to provide all our guests with a free tour of our premises at their wish.

Do you serve liquor at parties?

Yes, we serve a varied variety of liquors for our guests.

Where do you arrange conferences?

We are happy to announce that we have large conference rooms where we arrange conferences for our guests.

What are your price plans?

We offer two types of price plans- Basic Plan and Premium Plan.

Do you make all the necessary arrangements for corporate events

We take care of all the preparations required for a successful corporate event.

What places do you provide for corporate events?

We provide conference rooms, banquet halls, a pool area, garden for various corporate events.

Do you accept online payment?

Yes, we do accept payment in all modes; online and offline.

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