Looking for Kitty Party Venue in Gurgaon?  Kitty parties are a fun way to spend time and play games that can make you feel closer to your friends. It’s a package of exciting and funny experiences that will become remarkable moments in your life. It’s an event that celebrates friendship and makes the bond amongst you much stronger. Kitty parties are a regular event and the hassle of planning these events might take out all the fun, but don’t worry are here to take away all the stress.

Has it been a long time since you’ve not met all your kitty party friends? Do you want an afternoon filled with laughter, fine food and fun? Then you’ve come to the right place! The Maple Farm provides you and your friends with the best kitty party venue in Gurgaon, so the fun shall never end.

Why should you choose The Maple Farm for Kitty Party Venue in Gurgaon?

kitty party venue in Gurgaon
kitty party venue in Gurgaon

The answer is simple, The Maple Farm is a renowned name when it comes to throwing parties and hosting events, we are the best and our customer feedback reflects the same!

Best Location and No stress of planning:
We at, The Maple Farm rid you of all responsibilities so that you can enjoy it to the fullest without any stress. The Maple farm is located in Gurgaon, situating it in one of the best metropolitan cities with an abundance of amenities. The Maple farm also has a wide range of in-house decorators and planners to make your event planning job more manageable.

Indulge in various Games and Activities:
We, at The Maple Farm help organize amazing kitty party games so that you and your friends can have some healthy competition, whether you want to play tam bola to win some cash, play Dum charades to bring out your inner singer and many exciting activities and we also help in executing theme parties so you can live out your fantasies and be known as the best host amongst your friends.

Enjoy the Delicious Food options:
You can choose from a wide range of cuisines so that you and your friends are treated to only the best with the help of The Maple farm, one of the best kitty party place in Gurgaon. So, whether you’re looking for desi Indian cuisine or spicy Chinese, no need to worry. If you and your kitty friends want to socialize and have fun together then there is no better place than The Maple Farm.

Browse, shortlist and get the best prices in packages to host your upcoming kitty party. So, sit back and relax at The Maple farm, known as one of the best venue for kitty party, where you can flaunt your style and attire between friends, share some jokes and laughter. The Maple Farm specializes in providing you with the fun you deserve!

FAQ about Kitty Party Venue in Gurgaon

Where is Maple Farm located?

The Maple farm is located in Gurgaon, the urban jungle and the city that has been in the headlines for its mind-blowing locations and views, making it the best venue for all your events.

How can I reach Maple Farm?

The location of The Maple farm can be easily accessed through google maps, as it’s been updated onto the app for the convenience of all our visitors.

How can we book a venue at Maple Farm?

You can either reach out to us with the help of our number, or you can also book with us using our website.

Can Maple farm arrange pool parties?

Yes, Maple farm provides you with the perfect poolside experience so you can chill on a hot and sunny day.

Do you provide decorators?

Yes, Maple farm has a range of decorators and planners to make your event planning job more manageable.

Is parking provided at Maple Farm?

Yes, parking is available for all our visitors.

Does Maple farm provide non-veg food?

Yes, Maple farm provides our customers with veg and non-veg food options.

Is your website fully functioning?

Yes, our website is regularly updated and fully functioning.

Is this a suitable venue for a family event?

Yes, The Maple farm acts as a critical factor in executing the best events for you and your whole family, from parents to children.

Does Maple Farm have power backup?

Yes, Maple Farm has power backup so that nothing can interrupt your perfect experience.

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